(SSN 593)

In Memoriam
April 10, 1963

James John Henry, Jr.James John Henry, Jr.

Lieutenant Junior Grade


James John Henry, Jr., was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October  14, 1938.  He spent his early boyhood in Brooklyn, and attended St. Vincent Ferrer Grammar School and Regis High School, where he was graduated, second in his class, in June 1956.

He was awarded a U.S. Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps scholarship to Cornell University, and two additional scholarships from the Knights of Columbus Society, and the New York State Regents. However, James received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.  While undergoing training there, he was a  member of the Newman Club and Altar Boy Society and was executive officer of Fourth Company, first class year, fall and spring midshipmen staffs.  James was first in the departments of English, history and government, and also lead in his leadership class. He had been awarded a proficiency award in boat handling.

Graduating with a class of 1960, James was recommended as an instructor in science, weapons, English, history, and government, and as translator of French.

He volunteered for submarine duty and upon being accepted, he attended the officers' basic course at the Submarine School, U.S. Naval Submarine base, New London,  Connecticut. Successfully completing the course, he was selected for advanced training in nuclear power. After a 1-year-long course of instruction, James was assigned to his first submarine USS Thresher (SSN 593) in November 1961.

He is survived by his parents, Col.  James John Henry, USAR , Mrs. James John Henry of Brooklyn, New York.

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