(SSN 593)

In Memoriam
April 10, 1963

James Frank PhillippiJames Frank Phillippi

Sonarman Second Class


James Frank Phillippi was born on April 12, 1941, in Los Angeles, Calif. His family moved to Yucaipa, Calif., in 1956, where he attended junior high school.  He later attended high school in Redlands, and was graduated in 1959.

James was a Life Scout and a member of the First Baptist Church of San Diego, Calif.  He enjoyed music and singing, and was a member of his school's choir.  He also enjoyed hunting and colored photography.  As a high school senior, James was active in swimming competition, and won several medals and awards.  He also served as a lifeguard and instructor at the Redlands Sylvan Plunge and at the local YMCA camp.

After attending one semester of college at the University of California in Redlands, he decided to enlist in the Navy.  He entered the naval service in February 1960, and completed recruit training and an antisubmarine warfare course at San Diego.  He then volunteered for submarine duty and was accepted for training at the Submarine School at the U.S. Naval submarine Base, New London, Conn.

Successfully completing the course of instruction, he was assigned to the submarine U.S.S. Gudgeon (SS 567) in which he became qualified as a submariner and was awarded his silver dolphins in August 1961.

In September 1962, James was assigned as a crewmember of the nuclear-powered submarine U.S.S. Thresher (SSN 593).

He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Mack Phillippi of Yucaipa, Calif.; three brothers, Gary, Lee and Kim; and sisters, Toni Marie and Cheryl Ann.

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